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Welcome to Cento Magazine – home of anything left of center. Here on this site, we’ll discuss poets, politics and poker and anything else with leftist tendencies.

Edward Dorn

America’s poet of dissent and difference, of geography and distance, Edward Dorn (1929-1999) grew up in rural obscurity, Depression-era poverty and social estrangement as a dispossessed son of the Prairie. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Dorn wandered the trans-mountain West following the variable winds of writing and casual emloyment until the mid-1960’s when a time of trial and change resulted in the beginnings of the groundbreaking long poem Gunslinger.” (From Tom Clark’s biography of Ed Dorn.)
Our collection of Dorn material includes reminiscences, poems written for Dorn, audio files, and an image gallery.

Central Europe

This section features translations of fiction, poetry and artwork from Central Europe. Also please visit CESLIT, where we are gathering together more Central European material and are hosting a blog tracking Central European literature on the web.


A collection of fiction, poetry, essays and reviews, and whatever else may come our way. Not yet big enough to break into more specific categories.


Here we feature products for sale including works of various artisans such as teak carvings, sterling silver jewelry, silk fabrics, and other esoteric items of interest. The artist Ubba is gaining a very large following as a result of her sterling silver fabrications, especially her gorgeous sterling silver rings which are fashioned to include gemstones and symbols of Mayan and other ancient South American cultures. Photo stories of her silver workshop have appeared in Art Today, Gemstones, and American Jewelery in the past year and her sterling rings are available on sterlingforever.com, and earrings have been featured in The New York Times, and the New Yorker. She is one of the featured contemporary jewelry artisans in this years Mayberry Market.

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