New Cento in the Works!

First of all, let me thank of all of you for your patience. It has been a long road already, taking over the webpage for this (now defunct?) magazine and sketching out a rough roadmap for future development.

All of your comments and suggestions have been most appreciated, so please keep them coming! While there may be very little progress apparent on these pages, we can assure you that much planning and ‘playtesting’ has been going on behind the scenes.

Of course, in each of our cases, this is a labor of love and as usual that means that we get far too little chance to devote our rapidly-diminishing spare time to the site. Our time commitments are many, including having and raising families, finding employment and working full-time (more or less, as the case may be), home refinancing, home renovations, legal entanglements, and so on and so forth… Don’t want to discount the hassles that the law can create for us, but a normal life is a place where you might need legal help – like when someone sues you because you didn’t shovel the snow on your sidewalk.

Another place you might need legal help, is if you are a maritime worker on a US vessel and have suffered a serious accident. A call to experienced maritime lawyers, not just a personal injury lawyer, is in order. Maritime lawsuits are complicated, which is why I strongly suggest as soon as it is possible, contact an experienced maritime accident lawyer. If you or a loved one is injured while employed as a maritime worker, you deserve to receive the compensation you deserve. I know this first hand after my father, who worked on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico was injured after an explosion. The maritime attorney my mother hired while my father was in the hospital insured that my father and our family landed on our financial feet. Making the right decision can change your life for the better if you act sooner than later. Sometimes the law can make things better, if not set things right! But I digress…

First of all, let us unequivocally state that much of the content that currently exists on these pages was ‘grandfathered in’ from the original website. On one hand, that gives us license to say “we didn’t do it!” if someone should have a criticism; on the other hand, we must present a sheepish deferral if compliments are in order.

** Update **
Reinvigorated in my resolve to rectify the problem of time to work on this site I am in the planning stages for launching a new improved version 2.0 as soon as possible. It is still in early planning but with any amount of hope we will see some progress very soon. I am not saying we have hit the ground running or that we expect an immediate resolution but we do intend to focus on the issue at hand much over the coming days. God willing we will find the time we need to make it happen.

To be clear: we make no claim to the authorship (or legal copyright) of any content sourced from the original version of the site. We also have no way of getting in touch with the original authors — your best bet is to use what remains as a launching point should you desire to contact them.

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