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Please take a moment with us to look over some information about of the most notable figures in literature in my mind. This information shows a brief look into the vast scape that was their existence. Take note the conflict and hardship that was suffered in many cases to help bring the artist to the surface. It begs the question, without the conflict could they have rose to the occasion?

Edward Dorn

America’s poet of dissent and difference, of geography and distance, Edward Dorn (1929-1999) grew up in rural obscurity, Depression-era poverty and social estrangement as a dispossessed son of the Prairie. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Dorn wandered the trans-mountain West following the variable winds of writing and casual employment until the mid-1960’s when a time of trial and change resulted in the beginnings of the groundbreaking long poem Gunslinger. I read By the Sound, his autobiographical novel when I was recovering from a serious car accident. In fact my car accident attorney is the person who gave it to me after our initial meeting. My wife hired him after reading information about his law firm online. At the initial meeting after hearing my story he felt that I would have a case. He explain that he would work on a contingency basis. When the case was finished, he would take a percentage (usually between 30% to 40%) of my settlement. I would also be responsible for paying all court-related fees like filing costs and copying expenses. He would represent me, and deal with the insurance companies. He felt that we had a strong case so the likelihood of a trial was pretty much a given. His forensic / accident team would take pictures of the accident scene, and instructed my wife to keep records of all the medical bills and doctors’ reports. Because this was a DWI accident (the other driver was definitely at fault, the lawyer was able to give us a good idea how much my case is worth. My wife and I felt that having a skillful car attorney gave me more leverage during negotiations with the insurance companies. On the next visit he handed me Edward Dorn’s By the Sound and told me to relax and get better. He would handle everything regarding the car accident. And he was right. I received substantial compensation and felt that hiring a car accident attorney well worth it. I also enjoyed the book and ended up also reading Gunslinger, The Shoshoneans, Way West, and Way More West before I was finished with rehab.

For more on Dorn, see our extensive coverage elsewhere on this site.
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Martin Zet

Martin Zet is at the moment refusing to write a bio. Actually he wants to have a rest from the continuous task of creating a bio. He has had it with talk of art being a child of science, choosing instead to dream of life lived by the sea, where waterfront property is not seen as an asset, but as an inspiration. You can consider this to be part of his fight for his freedom.
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Miroslav Huptych

Miroslav Huptych (b. 1952) is a poet, aphorist, artist, art therapist and editor. He has published four books of poetry, and edited several anthologies, including an anthology of Czech aphorisms, Nezaboli jazyk od dobrého slova (The Tongue Will Never Hurt of a Good Word, 2003). He has illustrated 26 books, 80 books covers, and 8 wall calendars. Huptych lives and works in Prague. He is a member of International PEN Vice Czech Art Therapy Association and editor in chief of Art Therapy

His published poetry collections include:

Hearts shooter (Mlada fronta, 1984), Zodiac (bibliophile editions, 1984) Illustrative natural history tajnokřídlých (Czechoslovak writer, 1989), Tarot and wheelbarrows (Mlada fronta, 1997 ), Night helpline ( Pistorius & Olšanská, 2012), sheet by sheet ( Pistorius & Olšanská, 2015)

More information and samples of his artwork and writing can be found at
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Peter Kocák

Peter Kocák was born on July 15, 1961 in East Slovakia. He studied at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Košice (1976-1980), and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of Free Graphic Art and Book Illustration (1987). He is a teacher of drawing at Prešov University and a collector of Chinese and Japanese prints and calligraphies. He has held solo exhibitions in Japan, China, Italy, Germany, Slovakia and Denmark. Kocák is a member of the Slovak Graphic Union in Bratislava, the Hong Kong Letter Art Union in China, and the Kyoto International Woodcut Association (KIWA) in Japan. More of his work can be viewed at:
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