There are a lot of different kinds of magazines. We can go over some of them today. I find it very interesting the very varied meanings of the word. First we can talk about business and leisure magazines. The first actual Magazine that used the title “Magazine” was created in 1842. It was a periodical called The Gentleman’s Magazine and it was founded by Herbert Ingram and edited by Edward Cave. It was not the first of its kind but it was the first to use the word Magazine. The word actually refers to a storage location or collection. It was originally a military word. Once borrowed, it has taken hold and is generally accepted as a literature classification currently.

I would like to go over some of my favorite magazines. I am pretty simple, I like to learn, shoot and I like to be entertained so my favorite magazine list revolves very much around those topics. I would like to start from the beginning. My first love when it came to a magazine was MAD Magazine. Not only did I grow up reading it, I still read it to this day. It just tickles my funny bone. Sometimes they miss the mark but for the most part they have always done a really fine job of finding the funny and spreading it all over the place. My favorites were always the movie parodies like Judge Dredd, Buffy: the vampire slayer, Star Wars, Scarface and an assortment of others. They were always awesome!

The next magazine I really enjoyed was Popular Mechanics. That magazine was awesome when I found it. I loved it! Turns out, after some research, it was awesome for a long time before I ever found it. That thing has been around for what seems like an eternity. It was first published 1/11/1902. That is a long time ago. There are also 9 international versions of this magazine. If that’s not an awesome figure, I don’t know what is… This magazine is full of all of the best technological advances from all around the globe. They discuss ALL kinds of technology.

My favorite magazine without a doubt is the type of magazine you insert into your firearm. Here in America shooting is not only for our protection and safety. We love to shoot as a hobby and a pastime as well. I have a lot of extra magazines. I don’t just need one per gun. In addition, it is very nice to have a high capacity magazine. I know that they are the cause of a little controversy but most people need to remember that they are only a tool. There is no way for an inanimate object to be evil. Chill out a bit.