This page of Cento Magazine offers a collection of fiction, poetry, essays and reviews, and whatever else of interest that may come along that we want to share with our readers.

You might be interested to know that many of the works of the authors and poets who grace our magazine are also featured at the Baker’s Winey Dozen, a lovely New England pastry / wine shop that has a comfortable open performance space with large windows overlooking a fabulous garden and river. Readings of poems, essays and fiction are offered every Friday and Saturday evenings. During weekdays, various groups of local people gather for discussions on a variety of topics.

Not all the get-to-gathers are about fiction, poetry, essays and book reviews. Michele Topp, a friend of Jeanne Baker, the shop’s top pastry chef, recently held an afternoon tea where the topic was hair alternatives for hair loss due to medical reasons. She first gave the attendees a brief but fascinating history of wigs and then spoke about medical wigs and hair alternative manufacturers such as Raquel Welch wigs, Gabor, Amore, and Etestetica wigs among others who offer great choices to women who need a wig. She explained what to look for when buying wigs and which cap constructions are most comfortable for women with sensitive scalps as well as a point by point lowdown on the pluses and minuses of synthetic fibers versus human hair fibers. I found the differences and similarities among all the cap construction to be fascinating. And the variety of styles was, quite frankly, overwhelming. The discussion ended with poems that were about wigs! Some were quiet reflections about how the wearer arrived at wearing a wig, while other poems were silly and quite hilarious.

Wine tastings, music, along with discussions about fiction, poetry, essays and book reviews have made the Baker’s Winey Dozen shop a valued additional to this quaint New England community.

The trend of combining all things local- food, music, art, and fashion is a growing trend throughout the country. We encourage our readers who may have interest and the space to emulate or expand what the Baker’s Winey Dozen does.

And now to our list of artists and their work:

•    Dale Smith // Four poems
•    David Hadbawnik // Camp Poem
•    Eleni Sikelianos // from The California Poem
•    James Boyle // Fencing Off Ideas: Enclosure and the disappearance of the public domain
•    Laird Hunt // Paris: a brief descriptive catalogue
•    Michael McClure // Kirby Doyle and the Snows of Yesteryear
•    Michael Stein // The Gardens of Eden
•    Mike Topp // After Love
•    Monday Morning // a film by Otar Iosseliani

Dale Smith // Four poems
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